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Claudia Sorensen


Certified ROLF Practitioner


Structural Integration is a manipulation of the fascia throughout the body to re-align your structure. Once the body’s holding patterns are released, it can then move with ease.

As long as we brace parts of the body in our daily activities and posture, we fight the force of gravity. By giving your weight to gravity and moving with it, the body works as an integrated whole. Aches diminish or disappear with better alignment.

Structural Integration

Options for a session include:
-A 10 series to systematically cover the whole body for long term alignment. A process of balancing your body instead of a quick-fix that may only be temporary.
-A 3 series. You then have the option to stop here or continue at a later date.
-A one-time visit to find out if this is for you. It can be the start of this process or a standalone session. Sometimes this is a “rescue” session done for someone in dire need of immediate relief.
Together we assess habits of movement to find new awareness in the body. This helps to either keep the change accomplished in the session and/or further free-up the body in the days to come by creating new habits. Thus, teaching people how to live in their own bodies!

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