ChiropracticPartners On Your Path To Wellness

Dr. Murray Kievit


Cranio-Sacral, functional muscle testing,
sports injuries and orthotic fittings.

Dr. Shannon MacNeil


Manual manipulation, SOT blocks, drop table,
laser therapy, orthotic fittings, and supplement distribution.

There are three main objectives to your care. In the acute phase, we will work to decrease the pain and increase your flexibility. Next is the corrective phase, where we threat the condition that created your problem by stabilizing your spine. And finally we may recommend maintenance care, to ensure that your spine and nervous system function optimally.

Our ultimate goal would be for your body to perform at its full potential, keeping you more vibrant, energetic and healthier.

A common misconception about Chiropractic care is that there is a “bone is out of place”. A more accurate description would be a “rusty hinge” or “joint dysfunction”, where the spinal joint is either locked or not moving properly.

There are nerves inside the joint, and when the joint is not moving properly, the nerves send a signal to the spinal cord and causes the spinal nerves to fire more often and increasing muscle tension. The muscle tension than restricts the joint further, leading to a vicious cycle.

The chiropractic adjustment breaks this cycle by restoring normal joint motion, increasing the flexibility of the muscle, and decreasing the sensitivity of the nerves to stop the pain transmission. Thinking of the nervous system as the “electrical supply” for the entire body, this can have far reaching effects on all the body systems.

Spinal joints contain synovial fluid within the joint capsule. With decrease joint movement, the synovial fluid does not circulate properly, altering the nutrient supply and lubrication of the joint which may accelerate the aging process and lead to osteoarthritis.


Custom Orthotics

o Alleviate Knee Pain

Laser Therapy

l Tissue Regeneration

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy


Nutritional Supplements



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