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Custom Orthotics is a medical device that is tailored for an individual to correct biomechanical misalignment of the feet. There are two basic types of mechanical abnormalities of the feet. Pes planus or pronated feet are flat, flexible feet which collapse to the ground on standing. This causes stress on the arch leading to plantar fasciitis, and internal rotation of the lower leg, which can lead to medial knee pain and pelvis pain. Pes cavus or supinated feet are a rigid, high arched foot which lacks shock absorption and therefore transmits forces up to the knee and hip.

The type or orthotic that is required by an individual depends on several factors. The type of shoe to be worn, such as a runner (high impact) or dress shoe (lower profile); rigidness of the support (more for sports, less for arthritic and diabetic feet); weight of the individual (thicker plastic is needed for increased weight); top cover length (full cover in sports and ¾ cover for dress shoes); and special modifications (heel lifts, metatarsal pads, rear posts).

After a biomechanical assessment of your feet, a 3D mold is taken to capture the shape of your arch in a non weight bearing neutral position. The mold is then shipped to our manufacturer, Kintec footlabs, in Vancouver to be custom made. Any further adjustments are made at no cost. For more information on Kintec footlabs click on

Remember, one pair of feet takes thousands of steps in a day and has to last a lifetime!


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